About Us

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For nearly a decade, Dutch weed shop has offered high-quality recreational and medical marijuana, cannabis-infused products vape cartridges and education to customers from Netherlands Europe and beyond.

We are proud of our reputation as industry leaders, and we train our employees to give our customers expert advice without stress or judgment. Each time you visit us, you can expect a friendly, efficient, and enjoyable cannabis buying experience from start to finish.


When you visit Dutch weed shop, you will notice the difference. We offer a clean, bright, beautiful place for you to speak to knowledgeable professionals about your medicine. Our team is experienced, highly skilled, and passionate about helping you find the right medicine. We truly care about your experience in our dispensary and want to help you live your best life. Whether you are interested in our premium flower, CBD, THC, or vape carts, our staff will work closely with you to understand your needs and recommend catered solutions. We love to educate our patients during their visit(s)!
Dutch weed shop is a family business started in 2015. After being patients and not finding the type of medicinal dispensary that we were looking for, we asked ourselves, “Why not do it our way?” We started the process in late 2015, and opened our doors in late May of 2016. Since then, we have dedicated ourselves to providing the highest-quality cannabis and the most intimate customer service than any of Europe’s medical dispensary!
At Dutch weed shop, we are committed to providing the best and cleanest marijuana flower by focusing on small-batch production. The attention to detail and commitment to quality that is instilled in our growers will be evident when you try our cannabis plants. We take extra steps to ensure that we don’t have to apply any pesticides or fungicides to our plants, meaning you get clean, premium cannabis with every batch we harvest! To ensure that all of our plants receive the best possible treatment and our crops are consistently healthy and happy, our grow team hand-waters every single plant. We take extreme pride in our commitment to clean, quality, high-end flower. With over 25 available strains at our dispensary we have something for everyone.

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