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    Buy kandypens vaporizer online USA

    Buy Kandypens vaporizer online USA

    The Kandypens Rubi and Kandypens Prism are just two examples of the several Kandypens items that we have previously tested Buy Kandypens vaporizer online USA. This time, the Crystal’s limited run will only include a maximum of 100 pieces. We examine its capabilities and determine whether the high price is justified. Read our review of the Kandypens Crystal to find out what we have to say about it.

    How it Works

    The Kandypens Crystal switches on with 5 quick clicks of the button, like most single-button wax pens. The dabbing tool can be loaded with wax by taking off the mouthpiece. The last phase is attained after three clicks on the same button to cycle thru the temperature settings.

    You can now double-click to access the session mode menu. Holding down the button for the period of time you want to draw from it will also heat up the atomizer for 10 seconds continually.

    Temperature Flexibility

    You can experiment with the voltage settings on the Kandypens Crystal at this point. 3.0, 3.6, 4.2, and 2.6 volts. Although there is a lot of flexibility here, we are very sad that we didn’t pay the whole fee for total control. However, we do note that the settings were wisely chosen. You might also take a look at the 4-volt-setting Utillian 5 (V3).

    Vapor Quality

    A highly pure and delicious flavor is produced when the glass mouthpiece is used with the quartz bowl. Your choice of voltage setting will affect how much flavor and cloud formation you get.

    Even if the flavor is very subpar, the maximum setting still produces large plumes of vapor. For the lowest setting, the opposite is accurate.

    The vapor path is definitely too narrow for our tastes, and there is a fair degree of throat and lung irritation, especially at higher power levels. Overall, the vapor quality falls short of what we had hoped for from such an expensive product. The Puffco Peak is a terrific option if you want something more opulent and visually stunning.

    Manufacturing Quality

    By no means are we really impressed with the Kandypens Crystal’s manufacturing capabilities. Although it is nicely made and feels good in the hand, we can’t help but feel that “something” is lacking. Anything to set this apart from the competition, such a wax drawer or an integrated stir tool. Even if the pricing is premium, it doesn’t feel or look that way. This is a recurring problem with Kandypens’ products, as you can tell if you’ve read any of our reviews of their products, like the Special K vape pen review.

    A rather rudimentary kit is included in the box, and it greatly disappointed us as well. It comes with the actual gadget, one atomizer, a dab tool, a USB charger, a velvet pouch, and a straightforward usage guide. no cleaning supplies,

    There are no spare atomizers, and the carry pouch is relatively standard fare. Not all that impressed.

    The Bolt Pro differs from other systems like the Utillian 2 Wax Pen in that the heating rod can be removed without difficulty, which is what we appreciate best about it.

    Battery Life

    900mAh. Unfortunately, it is all you get with this particular device. Not to imply that’s a small number, but come on, they could have fit even twice as many people here. It’s obvious that they have reduced prices in production, therefore you have to wonder where else they have done so.

    Even though it has pass-through charging and you may use it for numerous sessions on a single charge, we had higher expectations given the price. 18650’s conflicting behavior with a USB circuit’s low amps. Need a powerpack that is comparable to this one? View the Source Orb 4 Signature Kit, which features a replaceable battery system.


    The Kandypens Crystal is bigger and heavier than the typical concentration vaporizer pen, but it still fits easily in most pockets and bags. It’s acceptable if you don’t mind having a little bit more bulge than usual in tighter jeans and the extra weight. We could suggest the Linx Ember Kit to you as a more transportable option because of its sleek design and compact carrying case, which make it easy to carry around.

    We don’t really have many issues with vaporizers of this size.

    Ease of Use

    Using a one-button vaporizer is often a simple process. Without any prior knowledge, getting good results is not difficult, and handing it off to a friend or complete stranger for a short session mode hit is also not difficult. This device is not particularly sophisticated.

    Since everything is quartz and glass, cleaning is also rather easy. Most of the dirt and residue should be easily removed with a cotton swab dipped in isopropyl alcohol. Just make sure you clean it frequently to maintain it functioning flawlessly. The Source Orb 4 PREMIUM KIT would also be a fantastic alternative to consider, with its simple one-button setting.


    It will not attract much notice at all because it looks exactly like the majority of e-juice vaporizers.

    The Kandypens Crystal is not particularly discreet by any means, and the smell it emits will undoubtedly catch the attention of certain people even though the gadget itself won’t draw much attention. Check out the Kandypens Elite, which gives each hit you take a more premium sensation.

    Overall Experience

    We must admit that we were somewhat let down by the “100 units only” Kandypens Crystal. For us, the 900mAh battery is lackluster, the accessories are minimal, there is no spare atomizer, and the vapor is hot. We’ve discovered comparable performance with a better kit from cheaper units like the Yocan Evolve Plus or Linx Hypnos Zero.

    Even said, the Kandypens Crystal still performs better with some water filtering, so if you’re determined on buying this wax pen, it might be worth looking into the Utillian Glass Bubbler.

    Please feel free to leave a comment below if you have any questions regarding our evaluation or simply want to let us know what you think. As always, thanks for reading and keep vaping. Buy Kandypens vaporizer online USA.



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