Wedding Cake Marijuana Preroll



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    Available sizes: 1 g
    Ingredients: Cannabis Flower, THCA Diamonds

    What happens when you cross tasty favorites like GSC and Cherry Pie? You get the seductively sweet indica-dominant hybrid, Wedding Cake. While remarkably potent, Wedding Cake is still calming and relaxing offering a relaxing, euphoric heady feel.

    THCA Diamond Infused Prerolls. Handcrafted using THCA diamonds and terpene-rich, sungrown, whole cannabis flower. Available in a variety of strains with diverse terpene profiles and effects. Made with 15% THCA diamonds for a high-potency, balanced-flavor experience.

    To produce a premium, high-quality product in small batches, we track down the top growers and hand-select their finest buds. Our flowers are never shaken or trimmed; they are always fresh and grown indoors. We carry on that tradition now with our infused joints. With consistency and quality in mind, we hand-selected the best buds from the top growers to create premium drops in small batches.

    Modern nxtlvl nanotechnology has been incorporated into our joint. With more THC, this offers a full flower experience and boosts potency to over 50% each joint. We’ve refined our process by switching to a dual blade technology that, as opposed to conventional grinding, precisely and cleanly slices through our flower. Terpenes and cannabinoids will be preserved in this way, maintaining the quality of your flower. buy wedding cake marijuana preroll Dublin Ireland

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