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    At the nexus of art and science, rove carts was created. Our group of seasoned business enthusiasts possesses qualities and a lot of collective experience in cultivation. To create a better, tastier, and more trustworthy cannabis vape oil, extraction and laboratory science have also been combined.

    Rove cartridges are also composed of pyrex glass and premium stainless steel. Each cartridge works with 510 thread batteries of all types. owing to its dual coil atomizer and effective air flow design, produce substantial clouds.

    Additionally, each cartridge’s packaging and contents follow a color code. To identify the strain phenotypic, (Indica, Sativa or Hybrid).

    The exclusive 100% cannabis terpene collection from ROVE is called Featured Farms. Additionally including the purest, most recent strains delivered straight to your pen from the farm. The line’s sole component, premium flower, is obtained from a single farm to ensure a consistently superior vaping experience.

    The CCell disposables we employ, creates high-quality clouds with each hit.

    There are 91.44% total cannabinoids and 86.39% total THC.

    Our Mission

    Honesty, simplicity, and transparency were as the cornerstones on which Rove established their business. Their goal is to offer customers delicious vape cartridges and sturdy, durable vape pens. Rove adamantly rejects the tendency of overstated quality and inaccurate information in product test findings. Rove wants their consumers to know that every action they do is done with their best interests in mind. They are committed to excellence and advancement.

    Welcome to Rove, where the best is constantly improving.


    The supporters of Rove observed the cannabis industry’s expanding fascination with vape pens and cartridges. They looked at their counterparts, who were already established in various sectors of the marijuana market, and each came to the same conclusion: “we could do a lot better with more transparency.” They rapidly came together in 2015 to establish Rove by fusing their abundance of cultivation, extraction, and lab experience.

    Their extraordinary growth began on the first day. Their items were received with an unusual amount of enthusiasm when they first started working with a few stores. Rove established new dispensary ties every week as the demand for their products grew. Presently, more than 250 stores and deliveries in California, Nevada, Arizona, and Oklahoma carry Rove items.


    Rove is very proud to employ a real solvent-free CO2 extraction technique. Even though many other producers brag about utilizing a sophisticated CO2 technique, they nevertheless use solvents after the extraction stage. Rove refuses. Utilizing liquid carbon dioxide, Rove’s CO2 extracts are refined using only heat and pressure. The ultimate result of making a thinner and cleaner oil for their patients is more than worth the effort, despite the painstakingly lengthy nature of the process.


    Rove is well known for its straightforward, delectable, and reliable vape cartridges. Their cartridges are designed to be inconspicuous and portable, offering the utmost convenience no matter where you are or what you are doing. Natural terpenes are blended with each oil to create pure and true flavors with each inhalation and exhalation. Rove employs a premium stainless steel and pyrex cartridge with a reliable two coil atomizer because he believes dependability is the primary cornerstone of vapes.

    Lab Testing

    Rove is pleased to work with Bel Costa Labs to test its goods. They check each cartridge’s THC and CBD content as well as the potency of all cannabinoids. Since they don’t utilize any solvents, they don’t test for them.


    Additional information

    Weight 56 kg
    Dimensions 122 × 121 × 451 cm

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